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Want to optimise your website but don’t know how?

To make your life easier, we provide a results-driven, affordable and, most importantly, simple technique when it comes to SEO. We know that search engine optimisation can be both expensive and complicated. And this is why our SEO agency helps businesses in and around the West Midlands, Birmingham to do more with less.


Search engine optimisation is an ever-changing practice, but put simply, is the practice of adhering to Google’s preferable guidelines to make your website stand out and rank higher among search results. To achieve this, we will deliver the best and updated SEO practices through simple and easy to understand modules, helping you to get more leads on Google and other search engines for your business.

As experienced search engine optimization consultants, we will help to drive more traffic to your website and improve your rankings, converting this traffic into sales to give your business a boost. With various options when it comes to website optimisation, we have simplified our services to ensure that you choose the right path to success for you.

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We use strategies that work to get your website to rank higher on search results and also on specific keywords. We also help you stay updated with the latest Google search algorithm changes so that you can maintain and improve your website rankings. 

Unfortunately, Google doesn’t recognise or appreciate even the most perfect copy without SEO and relies on artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand content quality and readability. This is why we provide an in-depth analysis of your website content, helping you to tweak it to gain more traffic and drive those conversions.

Our approach – A Modular Approach To SEO

With so many ways to optimise your website, we have simplified our SEO services to help you choose the right solution for your success.

On-Page Module

On-Page Module

Already have a website and don’t know where to start the optimisation process? On-page SEO is usually a great place to start, making sure that your already existing content is optimised correctly for continuous and effective SEO success.

– Content Optimisation
– Conversion Optimisation
– Technical Optimisation
– 5 hours per month

Content Module

Content Module

Creating regular up to date content for your website helps to build trust between you and your customers while creating continuous interest. It is therefore essential to use target highly searched for google keywords used by your customers within this content in order to be seen.


– Keyword Research
– Optimised copy (upto 2500)
– 1-4 Articles
– Content Planning

Link Building Module

Link Building Module

Domain authority is crucial to the success of your website. Build a network of links from highly reputable and trusted sources to your website that will pass this excellent reputation and authority back down to you. Let our SEO company help you there.


– 5-10 quality new backlinks
– Domain authority links
– Link building outreach
– Broken link research

How does the module approach work?

Take the guesswork out of SEO and ensure business success with our detailed monthly reports which provide you with a clear insight into your progress.

Onboarding & Analysis
When you join hands with our SEO agency in the West Midlands, expect to go through an onboarding process for your website. Our team will perform an in-depth analysis of your existing site and perform an SEO audit, allowing for the best possible start. Our review also includes a security and maintenance audit, and we will make adjustments along the way as and when they are needed.

Pick your Modules
We will then discuss the best SEO route (or multiple routes) for you to take to ensure success based on your business needs and develop an extensive plan before making a start.

Quarterly Adjustments
We will schedule progress meetings every three months to ensure that your chosen SEO strategy is running smoothly and effectively and to pinpoint any areas that need to be adjusted or can be improved. We will review the results from each of your SEO campaigns and continue to work on the successful work that has already been completed.

Details of our modules

SEO can be complicated, and unfortunately, there isn’t one rule that fits all approach when it comes to reaching search engine optimisation success. It is particularly hard to accomplish if you aren’t experienced or have specific SEO knowledge.

This means that you may need to follow a few different methods to achieve sought after results, with many websites differing from one another.

Our experienced search engine optimisation consultants have put together three modules, all of which have a particular set of techniques and aims. These will improve a website’s rankings organically, either alone or when combined, and incorporate three distinct categories, including:

On-Page SEO
Content Creation
Link Building

On-Page SEO Module

A great starting point on your optimisation journey, our On-Page module is fantastic for those who aren’t entirely sure how optimised their website is, or for new sites just starting with the SEO process.

In this module, our team of search engine optimisation experts will thoroughly analyse your website’s existing content, structure and meta-data. This can involve the smallest of tweaks or a complete overhaul but allows us to optimise the site so that it meets search engine demands more efficiently.

Content Creation Module

If you have a website with minimal content, then this module is perfect for you.

The content module will identify keywords and phrases that are searched for the most by your chosen target audience. Based on this knowledge, our SEO company can then measure the search volume and how hard these phrases are to rank, to ensure optimisation that generates organic growth and results.

All content is reviewed on a case-by-case basis, whether it’s a long blog post, or several small paragraphs and articles, allowing us to develop content that is specifically optimised to make the most sense for your target consumers.

Link Building Module

All search engines assign a different category and level of ‘authority’ to every website that exists. The more popular a site, with higher levels of traffic, the higher the authority ranking compared to smaller websites that aren’t yet well established. The higher the level of authority that your website has, the more importance and relevance you will have in search engines such as Google.

A proven and effective method to improve your authority is to have links to websites that are more authoritative than yours. Working on a similar basis to referrals, when these websites are linked to yours, they pass some of their authority down onto you, consequently improving your rankings and searchability.

Onboarding & Analysis

Last but not least, no matter which module you choose, the first month always remains the same with our mandatory onboarding and analysis. 

A one-time requirement, we will audit all of the content on your website as well as security, maintenance and above all else, SEO performance to ensure successful results before you get started on your search engine optimisation journey.

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